N’Kredible Scents 7 Candles of Christmas

7 Candles of Christmas

N’Kredible Scents Christmas Candles are now available to order while supplies last. I wanted to do something special to celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on 2020 and how our lives have changed due to Covid-19. 

This Christmas light seven candles in remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas:

The first candle will be for Christ whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day. May the fire from you candle light the world.

The second candle is to honor the gift of Christ love. May the light from this candle touch every heart, those who believe and those who do not.

The third candle is to honor our/your children and family; for they are among your greatest gifts.

The fourth candle is for the men and women in the armed forces who sacrifice so much for us. We thank them for their service!!

The fifth candle is for our/your friends. Friends are our greatest treasures and where would we be without our true friends.

The sixth candle is for the less fortunate: The mother who has no food to give her child; for the father who has no job; for the children who go hungry. Those who are stranded or in quarantine with family and friends to visit. May the glow from this candle guide our conscience.

The seventh candle is for those who are suffering. For those who are ill, forgotten, lonely; for those who are homeless and are huddled on dark winter nights in the unseen corners of cities all over the world. In remembrance of them, light this candle and pray and hope they will suffer no more and that they may be blessed with their hearts desire. 

N’Kredible Scents Christmas Candles consist of 7 Candles for Christmas:

Cinna Berry Christmas

Christmas Hearth 

Santa’s Pipe

North Pole 

Hot Mulled Cider

Nick’s Gingerbread Dreams

Visions of Sugar Plums

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  1. Alisia January 10, 2021 Reply

    I was wondering if you made candles for men ! Like any type of men fragrance

    • Arenina Jones January 10, 2021 Reply

      Good Evening, I have several scents that are masculine. N’Trigued, N’Kredible, Seductive, N’Tanglements is both masculine and feminine but I actually have more men buying it and wives buying for their spouse. Also Seductive can go either as well. Kashmir is light but it goes either way as well. But my favorite male scent with an awesome cold and hot throw is N’Trigued. The N’Kredible is fresh but a second favorite.

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